Dr. Jessica Koehler

Trained initially as a school psychologist, Dr. Jessica Koehler is interested in connecting creativity research to everyday life. As a homeschooling parent, online instructor, and writer, she is continually fascinated by how the mechanisms of our creative brain can be ignited. In her writing, Jessica focuses on utilizing information from various disciplines in psychology to understand how creativity can be encouraged to unfold in children and adults. She received her Ph.D. in school psychology from the University of Maryland in 2010. Her early research focused on school-based prevention and teacher beliefs. Jessica held various research and practical roles, including evaluating children with autism at a functional neuroimaging lab and working as a clinician in public school and university settings. She also has varied experiences as a lecturer in psychology at institutions of higher education. Currently, Jessica serves on the Parent Content and Advisory Board for the National Association for Gifted Children. In addition, her upcoming book, Who the hell is Jean Piaget, will be available later in 2021.