Jeffrey Paul Baumgartner

Jeffrey has led an eclectic life rich in experience, including... A degree in fine arts in London. Being an artist. Certification to teach English as a foreign language. Teaching in several countries. Setting up three companies on two continents. Reinventing two of those businesses. Writing regular columns for two leading Asian magazines. Launching one of Thailand's first Internet companies. Conceiving and overseeing the development of many companies' first web sites. Overseeing the development of the first original Thai language CD-ROM. Successfully marketing small businesses on-line in the mid 90s. Advising the European Commission on promoting e-commerce to small and medium sized businesses. Being an e-business consultant. Inventing Jenni innovation process management software. Launching the Brussels Imagination Club (together with Andy Whittle). Writing the book The Way of the Innovation Master. Writing magazine articles, book chapters and a business encyclopedia entry. And more. More than he can remember actually. Unlike your average consultant, Jeffrey's experience does not include: An MBA Working at IBM Regular haircuts Please bear this in mind if these things are important to you in a consultant/trainer/adviser/software provider. Jeffrey has worked with organisations as diverse as The Nation Publishing Group, Coldwell Banker, Business Venture Promotion, Thai Danu Bank, The European Commission, Toyota, Yamaha, Canon, PepsiCo, Southeast Water, Powercor, Dexia and countless more, big and small. He has worked and lived in the USA, UK, Portugal, Germany, Thailand and Belgium. Presently, Jeffrey is focusing on advising and training individuals, teams and organisations on how to improve their creative thinking skills in order to solve problems and enable their companies to innovate more effectively. But more than anything else, Jeffrey would like to work with you! So contact him to chat about how you, your colleagues and he can do great, creative things together. Jeffrey is based in Erps-Kwerps (near Brussels and Leuven) Belgium. He is a single father with two incredible children.