Creative Oklahoma

What is Creative Oklahoma? Formed in 2006, Creative Oklahoma is a statewide non-profit organization advancing Oklahoma’s creative economy through creativity and innovation based initiatives in education, commerce and culture. The mission is to transform the state of Oklahoma through projects and collaborative ventures that help develop a more entrepreneurial and vibrant economy and an improved life quality for its citizens. Creative Oklahoma is the first non-profit organization in the U.S. with a statewide strategy to encourage and support the development of creativity and innovation in the multiple sectors of education, commerce, and culture with strategic counsel provided by national advisor, Sir Ken Robinson. Creative Oklahoma has further catalyzed the development of the National Creativity Network, a national non-profit organization linking over 15 regions in the U.S. and Canada sharing best practice and providing national educational offerings. Currently, Creative Oklahoma is the only North American region represented in the International Districts of Creativity Network, linking together 14 regions of creativity throughout the world. Creative Oklahoma has recently been designated as the U.S. host for the Creative Business Cup, an international competition for creative industries based in Copenhagen. What is Creative Oklahoma’s Mission? “To establish Oklahoma as a world-renowned center of creativity and innovation in education, commerce and culture.” What do we do? Since its inception in 2006 as a statewide network of creative and innovative individuals and organizations, Creative Oklahoma has developed specific programs and services to further the understanding of the urgent need for creativity and innovation in the state to drive Oklahoma’s economic growth and improve life quality for its citizens. Some of the ongoing initiatives include: The Oklahoma Creativity Forum – An annual gathering of some of the most important international, national, and statewide thought leaders sharing ideas to advance creativity and innovation. Learn more The State of Creativity Awards Program – Annually Creative Oklahoma provides a variety of cash and noncash awards recognizing and encouraging creativity and innovation throughout the state, with a special emphasis on youth. Learn more The cSchool – The Creativity School (cSchool) is a teaching cadre of Oklahoma-based academicians and practitioners in creativity and innovation present research-based creativity curricular offerings through an annual Pre-Forum day-long “bootcamp” and customized offerings for businesses, educational institutions, and communities requesting assistance with furthering creativity and innovation in their environments. Learn more Oklahoma Innovation Index – Oklahoma is the second state to develop a creativity or innovation index that will guide advancement in educational practice towards incorporation of more creativity and innovation in the classroom. Learn more Oklahoma ArtScience Prize – Creative Oklahoma adopted the Oklahoma ArtScience Prize in 2011 as a major initiative to encourage high school student engagement in creative problem solving and aspirational thinking methodologies. Learn more Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors – Since 2008, Creative Oklahoma has partnered with the Governor of Oklahoma to recognize Oklahomans for their creative and innovative national and international contributions with the Creativity Ambassador distinction. Learn more Districts of Creativity Network – In 2007 Oklahoma was acknowledged as an official “District of Creativity” and received into the 14 member international network of creative districts based in Flanders, Belgium. Learn more National Creativity Network – Since its inception in 2006, Creative Oklahoma has fostered conversations with other states and regions in the United States and Canada who demonstrated interest in developing their own regional creativity initiatives. Learn more Documenting Oklahoma Stories of Creativity – The Oklahoma Creativity Project, the organizing group which led to the establishment of Creative Oklahoma in 2006, first began its work with the documentation of creativity and innovation stories of Oklahomans through the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA). Learn more Developing an Oklahoma Network of Creativity – Through its enhanced website, social media, and new membership program, Creative Oklahoma aspires to develop an ever-growing network of Oklahomans connecting with one another and other creative minds throughout the nation and world. Partnerships and Collaborations – With an organizational structure resembling that of an inverted umbrella, Creative Oklahoma welcomes the connecting spokes of all organizations and individuals interested in furthering imagination, creativity, and innovation in the state of Oklahoma, and beyond. Why Creativity? Our 21st century interconnected global economy is an economy built on ideas. The next new ideas will drive corporate profitability, entrepreneurial growth, and solutions to some of the most serious health, environmental, and social issues facing the human race. Yet, there is a disconnect between how educational systems are preparing young people for this fast-paced change and the needs of the workforce and society for creative thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs.Every human is born with unique talents, passion, imagination, and the capacity to create. Our challenge in life is to recognize where our passions reside, what our talents are, and how to keep those alive as we move through life in our homes, schools, workplaces, and community organizations. Too often we are told that an idea can’t be done because it’s been tried before and failed; not to pursue our passions because we’ll never be able to make a living; and that test scores are more important than curiosity and deep learning.The global creativity movement, including Creative Oklahoma, is encouraging individuals to recognize their innate talents and creativity bringing those gifts passionately into boardrooms, parish halls, and city halls. Creative ideas will drive the our economic and social change so critical to our survival.