Carla A. Woolf is a former CDA certified Preschool teacher turned independent researcher and is the author of two books ("Connecting the Dots - The Cognitively Correct Way to Speak with Preschoolers" and "The Dots Connected - What Does Childhood Really Have to do with Adulthood, plus Intuition's Role in Fulfilling Total Brain Development and the Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind") So far, she and co-author of "The Dots Connected" are the sole pioneers of a new field designed to offer specific insight into how the basic core elements of early cognitive development are an intuitive process that is equal to, and inseparable from intuitive language development, which establishes the precursory components for the brain's ultimate ability to exercise higher precognitive thinking. She leads workshops to help early educators and parents understand how language can be encoded to activate the human brain's full potential.