Emilia Lahti (M.Sc., MAPP) is a positive psychology expert and doctoral student at the Aalto University School of Science and Technology. Her work is focused on understanding how individuals can rise above challenges and come out of hardship with a newly discovered, profound sense of strength, purpose and adaptability. She is also passionate about the study of human flourishing and cultivation of virtues, and to determine how these can be leveraged on a systemic level to promote worldwide change. Emilia´s ambition is to create practical, empowering solutions that alleviate human suffering and increase well-being on a global scale, leading to a more positive human future. Emilia wrote her MAPP master´s thesis on the Finnish construct of 'sisu', (meaning extraordinary determination, courage and resoluteness in the face of extreme adversity) under the supervision of Dr. Angela Duckworth at the University of Pennsylvania, and is a former student of Dr. Martin Seligman. Her goal is to unearth possible ways for the cultivation of this universal strength capacity, and also to ensure a culturally diverse vocabulary of the determinants of resilience, achievement (as well as the good life) within the dialogue of positive psychology. She is also an outspoken anti-domestic violence advocate, an endurance athlete and an avid systems thinker. Emilia lives in California with her husband. "Be a lamp, or a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal." -Rumi