Finding the Joy to Fuel Creativity

Finding the Joy to Fuel Creativity

Pop Culture August 08, 2013 / By Kristen Fischer
Finding the Joy to Fuel Creativity

Find something that inspires or motivates you and use it to fuel your creativity and boost your joy. Look for the little things and see how big they can become!

It's easy to roam Pinterest and feel inspired. There are gorgeous images everywhere and links that lead you to original ideas and thoughts. But can you be inspired in the every day world? Are you creative enough to find joy in the things you see and do each day? Can you use them to improve your creativity, happiness, business--and overall quality of life?

The concept of gratitude has shifted my life immensely over the past few years. Because I'm aware to be grateful for the little things, those details sustain me both professionally and personally. They also fuel my creativity. And sometimes they make me giddy like a child!

For me, football is a huge motivator (this coming from the girl who hated sports growing up). I don't know all of the rules of the game, but I find myself drawn to it. I like watching the players attain something great. I like rooting them on when things aren't going so well too. I've found that the New England Patriots are the perfect team for me because they often uphold a strong work and personal ethic. Tom Brady is also easy on the eyes, but my love for the team has gone beyond that. (Don't hate; I know I should probably be a Giants or Jets fan based on where I live--but I am not!)

Last week, I ventured up to Foxboro, Massachusetts, for the team's annual training camp. It's a free event where you can watch the players practice...and if you're lucky, get an autograph. For me, I wasn't there to nab a sharpe-laced scrawl--I was there to give a little back to the team that gave me more than just great entertainment.

In crazy Jersey girl fashion, I flagged down one of the players and gave him a copy of my book. See, in the book, I made a few references to how the game of football is like marketing. I was so honored to put the team in my book, and I felt overwhelming joy and gratitude being able to give it to one of the players. I shared my creativity with them, and hopefully they see how they can impact people beyond Sunday afternoons. Ras-I Dowling, #21, he's the man. Not only did he accept my book that was riddled with sticky notes of pages with Pats mentions--in doing so, he renewed in me the idea that the littlest things can be so significant.

I will always remember seeing him walk away, into the stadium, with my book nestled under his helmet.

These are the little things, but they can mean a lot. You just have to be creative enough to see them.

When I wake up and have a cup of tea, for example, I think of my grandmother's English roots. (Then I think about how much I love the royal family...and Downton Abbey....the list goes on.) I'm grateful for it. And in those related thoughts, I find joy. I don't think I'd have that hapiness in my life if I wasn't creative enough to look for it. The tea (I love Numi!) fuels me creatively because it provides this amazing "ambiance" to write. No matter where I am. I see it. And I see it because I look for it. And I find it again and again because I'm aware of it.

As a copywriter, invoicing is one of the most mundane tasks I have to complete--oh, it's a necessary evil! In doing it, seeing bills go out, I often become inspired to find new clients or pitch a new idea. When I invoiced Health for my first piece (albeit, a blurb) I was faced with tons of ideas for more articles. I wanted to invoice them time and time again--this coming from the girl who sort of detests invoicing.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

What excites you? What makes you beyond happy? If it's nothing, it's time to find something. That excitement can fuel your creativity, boost your happiness and help you find joy in the smallest of things. Then it's your job to find the value in it--and to feed off it. Whether that's for you, personally, or for your business.

What inspires you beyond belief? How can you use that to fuel your creative life and increase joy?

And what position do you think Tim Tebow will really play this season?)

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