Visualizing 2011 (Video)

Visualizing 2011 (Video)

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Visualizing 2011 (Video)

Community of creative people making sense of complex issues through data and design.

Visualizing 2011 from Visualizing on Vimeo.

Edward Lee about is a community platform for finding and sharing data visualization. All the projects on the site have been uploaded by the community under a Creative Commons license. We're most interested in data visualizations that help make sense of the complex issues facing the world today, but that also engage a non-expert public through good design. Much of the work we foster in our community deals with topics in the environment, health, the economy, or energy production and use. We aim to enable creators of such visualizations by offering a resource for finding data sets and a platform for broadcasting their work. We've also started a Data Channels feature to allow our Knowledge Partners to collect around their data sets any relevant discussion and the visualizations produced using the data.

We have cool features for various audiences (general public, designers, organizations, teachers and students), and we run a number of community programs:

- online challenges, in which we partner with an organization like WEF or UNDP in challenging the community to create a visualization using a provided data set that addresses some real-world problem

- marathons: we just wrapped up the 2011 marathon series in which we conducted 24-hour challenges with teams of university students: 

- conferences, including the most recent Visualizing Europe.

We hope you will join us.” 

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