• “You are Sooo Random!” - Randomness & Creativity Research

    Creativity does not only involve looser association, defocused or focused attention, lack of fixedness, etc. (suggested in literature), but most likely it is about being flexible, and knowing (either consciously and/or subconsciously) what is functional and when.

  • Creativity and Sensory Gating

    Creative people’s brains are not good at filtering out sensory information.

  • The Messy Minds of Creative People

    Creativity is very messy.

  • Is Lumosity Just An Intelligence Test?

    Irony: Brain games don't increase intelligence, but measure intelligence?

  • Into the Shoulds - Sondheim and Freud

    Inspired by the stage version of Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods," this article provides an intriguing psychological spin on the 2014 film.

  • Musings on Mastery, Creativity and Sisu

    Adversities and setbacks can sometimes act as a catalyst for growth. Sarah Lewis' book "The Rise" explores their value in fostering creativity and mastery, as they create a dent in our usual routines and propel us to re-evaluate our strengths and imagine unexpected solutions. To overcome more extreme hardships we may also benefit from something Finns have known for centuries as 'sisu'.

  • Discussing the Origins of Extraordinary Athletic Performance with David Epstein

    Bestselling author David Epstein discusses research on the complex interplay of nature and nurture in sports, how mentality propels success, how we assess potential, sex differences in sport, and why getting older doesn’t mean we can’t achieve greatness.

  • Peter Pan and Growing Up

    "I wish that the Darling children and the Lost Boys could find some way to keep the gloriously intoxicating freedom of flying through the skies with Peter Pan while learning the rudimentary skills to survive in the modern world." - James C. Kaufman

  • The Only Normal Family in America

    And speaking of creative efforts…I wrote this little ditty in 1996, and have sent it to my friends and colleagues as an annual December ritual ever since. It’s funny to see how well it holds up – the talk show hosts and other TV references have changed, but the basic points still apply. And that includes my sincere wishes for happy holidaze to all, and a brighter New Year to come!

  • Why Every Workplace Needs Introverts

    Sometimes, it seems like workplaces are designed for extroverts. But introverts are important – even necessary – to every organization. We take a look at what makes introverts tick, and how they can make the most of their skills at work.