Oklahoma City to Host Creativity World Forum

Oklahoma City to Host Creativity World Forum

Create March 15, 2015 / By Creative Oklahoma
Oklahoma City to Host Creativity World Forum

The Creativity World Forum is one of the largest creativity and innovation conferences in the world, inspiring a broad cross-sector of students, business leaders and community leaders. It’s the only event to be held in North America in 2015 that brings global leaders in education, business, creativity and innovation together.

The entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of some of the world’s most creative companies and thought leaders will be on display for attendees of the Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, March 31. The forum highlights the need for ideas that allow individuals, businesses and communities to move beyond the status quo, to grow and to succeed.

Hosted by Creative Oklahoma, the day-long forum will feature thought-provoking presentations led by keynote speaker Sir Ken Robinson, one of the most downloaded TEDx speakers in the world on creativity in business and education. Some of the greatest minds in the world’s business community, including executives from The Walt Disney Company and LEGO Education, will be on hand to discuss the importance of innovation and the impact it has on the business environment.

“Creativity is defined internationally as the generation of ideas that have value,” said Creative Oklahoma President, Susan McCalmont. “The forum will provide Oklahomans the opportunity to see first hand what creativity in business and education looks like on a global scale.”

The forum’s theme, “All Our Futures: Ideas That Matter,” is based upon Robinson’s publication “All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture & Education.” It will be the platform for forum attendees to celebrate and share ideas across multiple disciplines. The inspiring environment will feature interactive exhibitors, visual and performing artists and conversation groups.

The Creativity World Forum, last hosted by Creative Oklahoma in 2010, is designed to inspire and educate attendees about the importance of creativity. As a way to accomplish this goal, Creative Oklahoma is hosting a number of initiatives prior to the forum aimed at igniting creative conversations across the state. More information about these initiatives can be found at stateofcreativity.com.  

The public is invited to share their ideas on major issues facing the world using the hashtag #YourIdeasMatter. These ideas will be gathered from social media and the best solutions will be chosen and later discussed at the forum.

More information about the Creativity World Forum, registration and all pre-forum offerings can be found at www.stateofcreativity.com/forum.

Formed in 2006, Creative Oklahoma is a statewide non-profit organization advancing Oklahoma’s creative economy through innovation-focused initiatives in education, commerce and culture. The mission is to transform the state of Oklahoma through projects and collaborative ventures that help develop an improved life quality for its citizens and a more entrepreneurial and vibrant economy. For more information, please visit www.stateofcreativity.com.   

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