Joanne Foster, EdD

Joanne Foster, Ed.D. is a parent, teacher, gifted education specialist, and award-winning author. Her newest book is IGNITE YOUR IDEAS: CREATIVITY FOR KIDS (2023). Dr. Foster’s work focuses on supporting and encouraging children’s optimal development, including their intelligence, creativity, productivity, and well-being. She conducts teacher- training workshops, gives presentations to educators and parent organizations in local, national, international, and online forums, and serves on advisory committees concerning children’s education and high-level development. She is co-author, with Dona Matthews, of BEING SMART ABOUT GIFTED LEARNING: EMPOWERING PARENTS AND KIDS THROUGH CHALLENGE AND CHANGE, 3 RD EDITION (2021). Dr. Foster is sole author of ABCs OF RAISING SMARTER KIDS: HUNDREDS OF WAYS TO INSPIRE YOUR CHILD (2019); BUST YOUR BUTS: TIPS FOR TEENS WHO PROCRASTINATE (2018 IBPA Silver Benjamin Franklin Award winner): and NOT NOW, MAYBE LATER: HELPING CHILDREN OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION (2015). She is also co-author (with Dona Matthews) of BEYOND INTELLIGENCE: SECRETS FOR RAISING HAPPILY PRODUCTIVE KIDS (2014). Dr. Foster's writing is featured in publications and online venues across a variety of disciplines. She taught in the Teacher Education Program at the University of Toronto for many years, and she continues to provide leadership in areas of giftedness and child development to parents and teachers in communities across North America, and beyond. To find out more about Dr. Foster’s work, and for access to lots of resources, please go to