Dr. Jessica Koehler
Trained initially as a school psychologist, Dr. Jessica Koehler is interested in connecting creativity research to everyday life. As a homeschooling parent, online instructor, and writer, she is continually fascinated by how the mechanisms of our creative brain can be ignited. In her writing, Jessica focuses on utilizing information from...
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Maria Konnikova
Maria Konnikova is a writer living in New York City, where she works on an assortment of non-fiction and fiction. Her first book, inspired by the “Lessons from Sherlock Holmes” series that she wrote for Scientific American, will be published by Viking in 2013. She writes the weekly "Literally Psyched"...
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Taylor Kreiss
Specializing in practical philosophy and positive psychology, Taylor Kreiss is a writer on a mission to share the art and science of the good life. He currently works as the director of special projects for UPenn Positive Psychology Center. He is a researcher and TAs for the Positive Psychology class...
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Andrea Kuszewski
Andrea Kuszewski is a cognitive scientist and the Director of Content and research scientist for POTENTIA, a startup that aims to improve psychological and emotional well-being via a software platform with training modules focusing on mental fitness, emotional agility, happiness, resilience, and personal achievement, among others. She lives and works...
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Mike LaBossiere
I'm a guy from Maine who went to school in Ohio and ended up as a philosophy professor in Florida. In addition to my job as a professional philosopher, I am an avid (some would say fanatical) runner, a writer, a writer of games and a known associate of huskies.
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Emilia Lahti
Emilia Lahti (M.Sc., MAPP) is a positive psychology expert and doctoral student at the Aalto University School of Science and Technology. Her work is focused on understanding how individuals can rise above challenges and come out of hardship with a newly discovered, profound sense of strength, purpose and adaptability. She...
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Patricia Leavy, Ph.D.
Patricia Leavy, PhD is an independent scholar, novelist and public speaker (formerly Associate Professor of Sociology, Founding Director of Gender Studies and Chairperson of Sociology & Criminology at Stonehill College). She is one of the most visible proponents worldwide of arts-based research as a means of public and creative scholarship...
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Christine Lee
Christine Lee is a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology at the University of Florida. She is currently serving as a cognitive laboratory manager and a research assistant on a NSF STEM education grant, and also teaches an undergraduate course in Human Growth and Development. Christine's goal is to draw links...
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Sylvie Leotin
Sylvie Leotin is founder and CEO of Tech Atelier, a full-service creative and strategy agency, with a unique art-based approach to its practice. Noted for her multidisciplinary thinking, she regularly speaks at industry events, and writes for the Huffington Post about connecting the dots between art, science and technology. Sylvie...
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Alex Lickerman, MD
Alex Lickerman is the author of The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self. He is a physician, former assistant professor of medicine and director of primary care, and current assistant vice president for Student Health and Counseling Services at the University of Chicago. He's also been...
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